Ride with a Pro

Riding the infamous Mont Ventoux and the sun dappled roads of Provence is pleasure enough. But what if you had a Tour de France Champion to ride by your side? A hero of the pro peloton to share the work on the climbs, to swap stories and banter, refill you bidon from the village fountain together? The stuff of dreams? Or rather the ‘Ride with a Pro’ option available for you pleasure during your stay with CCS House. 

We have a little black book, stuffed with professional riders’ numbers. From former classic winners, to polka dot jersey King of the Mountains champions, to Belgian cobbled classic hardmen the list of greats is long. In addition, we have a slew of modern and current pros too for a up to the minute insight into pro cycling life. Just tell us your pro-ride partner fantasy and let the CCS Team make your dream come true. 

Ride with a Pro costs and availability will vary according to the specific pro you select from our list (CCS Team can provide the up-to-date rider lists), the duration of the booking, time of year and their schedule.

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