Cycle Coffee Society Coffee Experience

You can tell by our name; the CCS team is very passionate about coffee. Many cyclists share our love too and if you one of them, or even if you’re just ‘coffee curious’, then why not enjoy a bespoke Coffee Experience with us? 

For your Coffee Experience, we arrange a professional barista to take you on a very special coffee journey. You’ll learn about the difference between different types of bean, how they vary in taste and smell between the countries in which the beans grow, the nuances of roasting, grinding and blending to create individual and unique flavours and aromas. 

You’ll learn how to operate a professional coffee machine, to create the perfect brew, whether you’re going for a short espresso, a mid-morning cappuccino or long smooth latte. Of course, no barista led coffee experience would be complete without also learning ‘coffee etching’ the art of how to leave your favourite pattern in your coffee froth! 

Add in some great stories that connect the world of cycling with coffee – the black fuel of the pro-peloton and you if you weren’t already a café-o-phile, you will be by the end of this amazing, caffeinated day!

CCS Coffee Experience is a workshop for 2 hours.  Please get in touch with our CCS Team for more information.

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