CCS Secret Ride Guide

You know what it’s like you book your stay months in advance, dream about the great rides you’ll do here. You pore over Google Maps Street-view looking at the roads, then you get here and you’re still not sure if its best to ride left or right out of our CCS front door (left is best btw). That’s precisely why CCS have organised our Secret Ride Guide. All Secret Ride Guides are accomplished riders in their own right, but they’re also local, knowledgeable about all manner of information regarding many aspects of the local area; from the landscape, to the history of the towns and villages, to the best route to the finest hidden cafés in the most beautiful locations.  

Your Secret Ride Guide is a passport to just ‘giving in’, letting someone else plan the route (to include all the things you like). Your Secret Ride Guide will be your guide and ride buddy while you’re staying with us. 

Secret Ride Guides are a two-day minimum booking at a cost of €450,-. Any extra day can be added for €200,- per day. Please get in touch with our CCS Team for a tailor-made quotation.

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