CCS ‘Pro legs’ Massage service

After a long day pressing on the pedals and maybe a climb to the peak of the Mont Ventoux your muscles will be tired and asking some serious questions about rest and recuperation. We don’t want you to waste tomorrow getting over today’s ride. So, why not allow one of our CCS professional masseurs to work their magic on your body, and give you the ‘Pro-Legs’ treatment? 

With expert hands and a deep knowledge of the issues experienced by cyclists, they can sooth away the soreness, relax your muscles and stimulating the conditions for perfect recovery – all in time for tomorrow and a whole new adventure! 

The CCS Masseurs know cyclist’s physiology and how to work with professional cyclist’s legs, so you literally are in the very best hands. With ethical, organic products used, your legs and body will love the effect. 

Our CCS ‘Pro legs’ Massage service cost €70,- per person for 1 hour. To assure your CCS ‘Pro legs’ Massage please book in advance. 

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