CCS Cleaning service

We want you to enjoy every second of staying at our CCS House, concentrating on the good stuff – the cycling experiences you came for; riding, relaxing, drinking great coffee. 

You don’t necessarily want to have to waste your valuable riding time, so why not opt for the CCS Cleaning Service; every day there are fresh, fluffy new towels, the kitchen gets a full clean up, so you can just ‘Nutella and go’ in the morning, and leave the coffee cups, crumbs and dishes for us! We’ll make up the beds, and have everything ship-shape ahead of your return. 

Everything will be in perfect order for when you get back from your day on the bike, so you can concentrate on unwinding, and enjoying the evening sun. Just like a World Tour peloton-pro would expect – that’s how you will have it! 

CCS Cleaning service costs €45,- for 2 hours per day.

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