CCS Bike Rental

While we expect most CCS guests will want to bring their favourite bike (who doesn’t want a few days away with their loved one?), sometimes that isn’t possible. Nevertheless, the Team here at CCS want those guests arriving sans bike, to be able to have the very same, pro-level, on-road riding experience as anyone else. 

That’s why we have bike available for rent, right here at CCS Ventoux. Not just any bikes either, we have high standards and expectations, just like you – so the bike that we offer for your use are a cut above the rest.

We have partnered with the best bicycle brands represented in the Pro Peloton to have their bikes available – in your size – and properly fitted to ensure a perfect position, so that you can hit the roads with the same feeling of speed and luxury as if you were riding your own bike at home.   

Please get in touch with our CCS Team so we can bring you in touch with our Bike shop partners. 

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