Our society

A Full-Service Course Experience

Cycle Coffee Society houses are not hotels, we’re compact premium location depart, from which you can launch your rides. All Cycle Coffee Society Houses are set among the best roads in the world – be they tarmac, gravel or dirt. Our Houses are positioned in epic locations around the globe. Starting with Bédoin in Provence and other fantastic locations soon to come.


Coffee is our lifeblood. From the first warming cappuccino of the morning, to the mid-ridelatte macchiato pep-up with the ever-present kick of espresso, always on hand, because when you have coffee as good as ours, every moment of the day is a coffee moment. We use organic arabica coffee beans the finest available and every Cycle Coffee Society House uses Rocket Espresso, Jura, Moccamaster coffee machinery. It’s a service course mentality with us, even for the coffee.

Your machine

You don’t need to worry about your significant other when you stay at a Cycle Coffee Society House. Your bike probably won’t need anything other than a wipe down and lube, but should you have a technical or mechanical need, you can be assured that each Cycle Coffee Society House is properly equipped with a small cycling workshop (parktool set). Tools for you to use to keep your bike adjusted and tuned to perfection for every ride.

You’re a machine

Bikes don’t ride themselves up iconic climbs. You’re the engine and like any motor you need fuel and tuning. Cycle Coffee Society has you covered. So use the dipping pool set in the courtyard, to freshen the body and revive for tomorrow’s ride. Cycle Coffee Society Houses have fully equipped gyms, and we’re not talking some free-weights in the corner and a dusty old treadmill, but a proper range of equipment and smart bikes. Ideal for adding strength and conditioning as you require, with mats, foam rollers and percussive therapy tools. There’s space to stretch, limber up or do a yoga session.

Equipment and Apparel

The team at the Cycle Coffee Society understand that you know your equipment. You’ve chosen it with care, through thorough research and hard-won experience. However, in every Cycle Cafe Society house, you’ll also be able to have top of the line apparel, who value your discerning taste. All available to try and buy, if you wish.

Cycle Coffee House pro patrons

The professionals know that Cycle Coffee Houses are great places from which to train. So don’t be surprised if the occasional familiar face from the professional peloton has been staying in the house, or is due to use it as part of their pre-season climbing training. They’re just like you, looking for the best riding possible, the finest coffee to fuel and a post ride experience that you cannot get anywhere else, or from anyone else.


Capacity is deliberately limited to retain a focused and intimate feel – like any Society, being on the inside is the first step to gaining the full experience. Of course, once you’ve become a Cycle Coffee Society member, you become a premium guest with the pick of the booking slots. As a member we know you, like a DS knows their team; what you like, what you don’t and we use this knowledge to tailor your stay with every Cycle Coffee Society visit. Our job is honing your experience to make each one smoother, more relaxing and the riding time more efficient. It’s the details that count.