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Let’s get to know each other!

From the first click of your computer, we’re here to personally welcome you, to answer your questions, and set your mind at rest that this is going to be the experience you dreamed about.

Our CCS Team is ready for you. We can help with anything including questions about checking in or out, questions about rooms, bike care, food or any special requirements, just tell us we’ll have everything ready for your arrival. We’re ever so nice, so don’t be shy! 

But the CCS Team can also do more than just look after the details of your stay. We can help shape the experiences you will have with us. We have a number of exclusive bespoke add-on options for you to choose from. Each can help you create a CCS cycling holiday experience that you will remember with fondness for the rest of your life. Or your next CCS stay… (we think you’ll be back for more…!).

CCS member Special Stay Collections

Ride with a Pro

Riding the infamous Mont Ventoux and the sun dappled roads of Provence is pleasure enough. But what if you had a Tour de France Champion to ride by your side? A hero of the pro peloton to share the work on the climbs, to swap stories and banter, refill you bidon from the village fountain […]

Pro Coach on the road

Should I be in a lower gear? Stand or sit for this particular climb? What cadence should I have? Do I need to follow power data? Am I pedalling circles or squares? These are just some of the question’s riders ask themselves every time they ride.  While on-line advice is really useful, there’s nothing like […]

CCS Secret Ride Guide

You know what it’s like you book your stay months in advance, dream about the great rides you’ll do here. You pore over Google Maps Street-view looking at the roads, then you get here and you’re still not sure if its best to ride left or right out of our CCS front door (left is […]

Cycle Coffee Society Coffee Experience

You can tell by our name; the CCS team is very passionate about coffee. Many cyclists share our love too and if you one of them, or even if you’re just ‘coffee curious’, then why not enjoy a bespoke Coffee Experience with us?  For your Coffee Experience, we arrange a professional barista to take you […]

CCS Pro Kitchen Experience

You’re staying with CCS to enjoy the freedom from regular life and concentrate on riding, so why not opt for our Pro Kitchen Experience, where you can either relax and let professional chefs prepare your food or allow us to plan your own ‘Tour de Restaurants’ taking in the very best local and regional establishments […]


Even the pro-peloton takes rest days. Where riders slip off their cleats and helmets and kick back with some hardcore relaxation. That’s why the CCS Concierge Team have created a bespoke Yoga, Vineyards and Sightseeing Experience. This is the perfect midweek break to give tired muscles a well-earned rest. Or a chance to catch up […]


Provence is a sun-drenched area of southern France and consequently, we grow a lot of grapes! That means we are lucky to have a lot of exceptionally good local vineyards, both on our doorstep and lining the sun-dappled roads of the region’s hillsides.  The local Provencal appellation is highly regarded for its consistent, deep quality, […]


Provence is one of the most historic and picturesque regions of France and you could spend years exploring all it has to see… If you’re like us, we’re forever catching sight of amazing views, curious little villages or impressive looking chateau while were gliding along the roads, we mean to pop back for a proper […]

CCS ‘Pro legs’ Massage service

After a long day pressing on the pedals and maybe a climb to the peak of the Mont Ventoux your muscles will be tired and asking some serious questions about rest and recuperation. We don’t want you to waste tomorrow getting over today’s ride. So, why not allow one of our CCS professional masseurs to […]

CCS Team Car

You know how it works, just like you see on the TV in the pro-peloton, every team has its own Team Car, following the riders. Each Team car in the pro-peloton, complete with DS (Directeur Sportif) in the driver’s seat, to hand out whatever is needed; from words of encouragement and sage advice, to water, […]

CCS Pro Mechanic

We’re pretty sure you look after your bike better than you do your own body – that’s normal for us cyclists…  But bicycles, especially modern, tech laden models are especially prone to needing regular sessions of TLC to keep them in tip-top order. While we have a full professional workshop here at CCS Ventoux and […]

Sports package

We know what it’s like to pack to come on a cycling vacation or a training camp. A million things to remember and limited space, so that why we’re ready for you when you get here with your CCS Sports package.  Selecting the CCS sports package means you’ll have CCS bidons, professional energy drinks and […]

CCS Bike Rental

While we expect most CCS guests will want to bring their favourite bike (who doesn’t want a few days away with their loved one?), sometimes that isn’t possible. Nevertheless, the Team here at CCS want those guests arriving sans bike, to be able to have the very same, pro-level, on-road riding experience as anyone else.  […]

CCS Cleaning service

We want you to enjoy every second of staying at our CCS House, concentrating on the good stuff – the cycling experiences you came for; riding, relaxing, drinking great coffee.  You don’t necessarily want to have to waste your valuable riding time, so why not opt for the CCS Cleaning Service; every day there are […]