Cycle Coffee Society tutorial Moccamaster

Coffee takes many forms and each one is subtly different from the next. Cycling Coffee Society is proud to partner with Il Magistral Cycling Coffee and offer our guests the chance to use their incredible Moccamaster filter coffee machine.

The Moccamaster is ideal for that morning brew, or anytime you want a smooth coffee with that classic taste. While you’re thinking about the taste, why not try the special edition Il Magistrale ‘Bom van Balen’ blend? Made of a blend of Columbian beans specially formulated for our good friend and Belgian cycling legend Tom Boonen. The Moccamaster transforms these beans into your preferred brew strength in seconds, so watch Bas Van Den Heuvel, the owner of Il Magistrale Cycling Coffee as he shows you how to be a World Tour pro at making the perfect cup of coffee with the Moccamaster!